COVID-19 News

  COVID-19 News  
July 6, 2020

St. Paul’s Family and Friends,

Worship Schedule Change As we have resumed in-person worship services, there has been an encouraging increase in the number of worshippers in attendance.  For the past few weeks in the 8:00 service we almost did not have enough designated half pews available.  To hopefully alleviate this and to provide more capacity for additional members to resume attending we are adding an extra service on Sunday mornings. 

Service times starting Sunday, July 12 will be 8:00, 9:15 and 10:30.  The Saturday service will remain at 4:30. If you are coming for the 9:15 or 10:30 services, please do not arrive more than fifteen minutes before the service.  This will help ensure that worshippers are not entering and exiting the building at the same time.  We plan to follow this schedule through the end of August and make additional changes as circumstances develop.

In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, we will use half of the pews, alternating opposite ends every other pew. The pews will be marked.
No one should feel pressure to return to worship at this time. We expect anyone who is experiencing illness or symptoms, or anyone in contact with others experiencing illness or symptoms, to stay home.
We also encourage those who are at higher risk due to age or underlying conditions to stay home until they are comfortable. If anyone is simply uncomfortable, we understand if they also stay home. We will continue to provide online services throughout this time for all who continue to stay home. The service will be posted early Sunday afternoon each week.
Before attending, we ask that you read and understand to the following guidelines:

As Christians we long for the opportunity to gather around God’s word with our fellow believers. We are thankful to have this opportunity once again, yet at the same time we are aware that the coronavirus remains a concern and a threat to the health of our members and our community. We are striving to abide by guidelines of medical professionals so that we may mitigate to the best of our ability the potential to pass the virus as we gather for worship. In love and concern for one another, we agree to the following guidelines to be in effect until further notice during this time of re-opening our congregation for public worship services.
  • Stay home if experiencing any illness or symptoms, or after contact with anyone experiencing any illness or symptoms
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in different parts of the building.
  • Masks are not required but are recommended per CDC guidelines.
  • We will not shake hands or make physical contact with others. For everyone’s comfort, please exercise prudent social distancing, maintaining at least six feet of space apart from others whenever possible. Please respect that the comfort level of others may be less than your own.
  • Rather than pass offering plates, we will leave them out for drop off. We will not use friendship registers.
  • The entire service will be on screen. No one will need to use a hymnal. The CDC has recommended not singing in church. (When we sing, we more forcefully exhale air and other particles from our lungs.) Singing is a cherished part of our worship, yet not absolutely required. For the time being we will have only a limited amount of congregational singing in our services. We encourage you to sing softly if you wish or to meditate on the words of the hymns.
  • When Holy Communion is offered, we will excuse one family at a time from each side of the church. We request that everyone stand at the rail rather than kneel. Pastors will wash hands thoroughly before distributing. Only individual cup will be offered; cups will be spread out in the tray.
  • We will excuse one family at a time after the service. If you wish to visit with others, please do so out in the parking lot so that the gathering area doesn’t become crowded as others are walking through.
Please contact the church office or pastors with any questions.


We will continue to post services, Bible studies and other resources online.
We encourage you to check these resources regularly to stay connected to God’s word and God’s people.
We also realize that many will face hardships. Please inform us of such hardships to see if we can help.
We pray that the LORD keep and bless you.