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July 14, 2019
Luke 9:51-6
A Loving Approach to Opposition
Pastor Ben Berger

July 7, 2019
Luke 7:36-50
Faith Receives and Responds to Jesus' Forgiveness
Pastor Mark Albrecht

June 30, 2019
1 Kings 17:17-24
Trust in the LORD...even in tragedy
Pastor Ben Berger

June 23, 2019
Luke 7:1-10
Great Faith Trusts a Great Savior
Pastor Mark Albrecht

June 16, 2019
Romans 5:1-5
Find Hope from our Triune God
Pastor Ben Berger

June 9, 2019
John 15:26-27
Prepared to Testify
Pastor Ben Berger

June 2, 2019
John 14:23-29
Your Ascended Lord Encourages You
Pastor Mark Albrecht

May 19, 2019
John 10:22-30
Listen to the Shepherd's Voice
Pastor Ben Berger

May 12, 2019
Luke 10:25-37
Help for the Hurting
Pastor James Mattek of Christian Family Solutions

May 5, 2019
John 21:1-14
Your Risen Savior Encourages You
Pastor Mark Albrecht