Below you will find some useful spiritual resources.

The list begins with links to different part of Links for Daily Devotion, Through My Bible, Forward in Christ and the Together Newsletter are also on At those pages you can also subscribe or access these resources through the WELS app.

Other links take you to websites that offer resources to enhance your spiritual life. Please take a look and find what is useful to you. 

God bless!
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Read questions that others are asking and the answers they receive.
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Daily Devotion
» A Strange Kind of Love – September 28, 2022
» A Shining City Upon a Hill – September 27, 2022
» Looks Can Be Deceiving – September 26, 2022
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 02 – September 28
» Through My Bible Yr 02 – September 27
» Through My Bible Yr 02 – September 26
Forward in Christ
» Doing their thing their way
WELS Together Newsletter:The requested feed is not available
Fox Valley Lutheran High SchoolFox Valley Lutheran High School in partnership with families and Federation churches, provides students with a Christ-centered education preparing teens for lives of service and for eternity. St. Paul's Lutheran Church is a member of the FVL Federation. We also partner with parents to help fund Christian education at FVL.
Time of Grace
Time of Grace is an international Christian outreach media ministry that is dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. The ministry uses television, print, and the Internet to share the gospel with people across the country and around the world. The half-hour television programTime of Grace is broadcast each week featuring Pastor Mark Jeske. He presents Bible studies in terms that people can relate to and apply to their lives.
Your Time of Grace Facebook
Your Time of Grace Youtube

Your Time of Grace provides daily devotional videos. The videos are only about three minutes in length. They are an excellent addition to your daily time with God and easy to share with others through email or social media.
Many people have questions about Christianity; they wonder about what God says and does.
Some of these questions you might have asked yourself.
Get some answers.
YouVersion Bible App
FREE Bible App on your computer, tablet or phone
Great for daily reading plans and searching
Bible Gateway
an online Bible website that also provides a Verse of the Day
God's Yellow Pages
Find Bible references for different issues in life.