Our mission at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is to make disciples in our community and throughout the world using the gospel to reach the lost and to nurture believers to live Christian lives, all to the glory of God. 

Core Values

We gather around Word and Sacraments to receive God’s blessings, to praise and thank him, to strengthen our faith, and to encourage one another.

Religious Education / Discipleship
We teach and learn God’s word to strengthen ourselves and each other to follow and serve Christ with godly lives.

Focusing on our love for God and for others, we seek and create opportunities for all to hear God’s word and his message of love through the gospel.

Care for People
As brothers and sisters in Christ, united as children of God, we care about the spiritual and physical needs of others.  We seek to help those in need through both prayer, as well as through the gifts with which God has blessed us.   We support, strengthen and encourage each other in our daily lives, as well as in extraordinary circumstances where the need for support and care is greater.

We actively seek to establish and maintain positive and enduring relationships with fellow parishioners.  We work to build relationships within the surrounding community and create a welcoming environment.

Support the Synod
As a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, we offer prayer, financial support, and our talents to support the Synod at all levels – circuit, conference, district, and synod.


Healthy Congregation
We envision a congregation growing internally and externally. Externally we want to grow at a rate at least equal to the growth of our community. Internally we want to grow in faith and godly living. Because only the Holy Spirit creates faith and only through the Gospel, we will measure our growth by the number of people in contact with the Gospel through worship services, baptisms, the Lord’s supper and Bible study.

Active members and strong lay-leaders
The ministry of the congregation belongs to its people. We envision a membership that is actively involved in the work of ministry and in running the various aspects of church work.  We believe a strong elders program is a critical piece of growing strong lay leadership.  We envision members of all ages who are discovering their God-given spiritual gifts and using them to perform the work of the church and its ministry.

Engaged Youth
Recognizing the current reality of young adults drifting away from the church and that a regular flow of young members is critical to the overall health of the congregation, we envision youth who continue growing in their faith and godly living through ongoing contact with the Gospel.  Moreover, we envision a congregation where the youth are actively involved, both by regularly attending worship and Bible study, as well as through active involvement in fellowship activities and contributing to congregational work.  We hope that through God’s grace, youth who are actively involved in the church will remain connected and involved as they grow into adulthood.

Strong Fellowship
We envision a church family that engages in fellowship and church activities beyond only attending worship service and Bible study.  We look for a welcoming environment where members and guests meet, greet and socially engage with each other. We also look for events, activities and groups outside of regular worship services that encourage fellowship and fun, and which appeal to a variety of personalities, demographics and interests.

Connected Child Center
We envision the Child Center as an extension of our ministry to serve the community and share the Gospel with more families.  We look for the Child Center to play a greater role in attracting new members to the congregation and in exposing more families to Christ.  We intend to strengthen the connection between the congregation and the Child Center families, and to better integrate Child Center activities and congregational activities, to the end of creating one large family in Christ.  We envision enrollment of the child center remaining close to the same size for the foreseeable future. 

Mission-minded congregation
We envision a congregation full of people excited and prepared to share their faith in both their personal lives and through the congregation.