St. Paul's Lutheran Child Center serves by nurturing the faith of children in their dear Savior and demonstrating practical ways to live their faith in Christ. Along with Christian values, Bible lessons and prayers, to help a child grow spiritually, St. Paul’s Lutheran Child Center provides activities to help each child grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Children will have the opportunity to partake in self-initiated or teacher directed activities. Group activities along with individual activities will also be provided.

At St. Paul's Lutheran Child Center we believe children learn through play and not all children learn the same way. Children need to have age appropriate activities presented and taught in a variety of different ways to help each child strive to succeed to the best of their ability.

St. Paul's Lutheran Pre-School provides educational opportunities to supplement home activities, which promote:
   - spiritual
   - emotional
   - social
   - intellectual
   - and physical development.

Each child’s God-given gifts and abilities are fostered through:
   - inquiry
   - exploration
   - experimentation
   - and expression at an individually appropriate level and pace. 

A balance of the following is provided daily: 
   - active and quiet times
   - individual learning
   - small group learning
   - whole group involvements
   - personal choice time
   - and teacher directed activities.

Routine sequences for each day’s activities are established to provide comfort and consistency in the meeting of children’s physical needs (toileting, hand washing, eating and drinking) as well as emotional needs.  Flexibility is also used to accomplish optimal learning and to meet individual and/or group needs.

For a tour or to learn more, please contact Director Connie Frederickson at 920-582-9745 or