Stacey Lidtke - Infant Teacher

I have a BS degree in Early Childhood Studies from Northern Illinois University. Since receiving my degree, I have worked as a preschool teacher, director, and infant teacher both in Illinois and Wisconsin. My husband is Pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Oshkosh where we reside with our two children. When time allows, I can be found with my nose in a book, sewing, or doing laundry...but most of the time, I simply enjoy being a mom!
The Infant Classroom
The infant room is a room where many changes occur over a very short span of time. Most infants will enter this room unable to roll over or crawl but will leave by walking on their own...all within twelve months of time!
At St. Paul's, we daily focus on each child's individual needs. Social, emotional, cognitive and physical development are all addressed and each child is able to maintain his/her own schedule. The much needed experiences of language, reading, and visual stimulation are explored as infants learn to trust the caregivers they have been entrusted to.
Our goal in the infant room is to provide daily care and stimulation to the youngest of Jesus' little lambs. Children are truly a blessing!