Emily Zeinert - Toddler Teacher

I am Emily Zeinert. I am a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. In May 2015, I graduated from Fox Valley Technical College in the Early Childhood Education Program. I also began working at the Child Center at that time. I have worked with little ones for many years helping with Sunday School. In my spare time I love to read. 
Toddler Classroom

The toddler room is an area for many firsts and lots of growth.  The skill building begins with working on becoming self-sufficient.  With constant guidance from the teacher and a safe comfortable learning environment, the children will become able to walk, eat, and begin to manage feelings on their own.  We also continually work on learning new vocabulary, colors, shapes, and numbers.   In the toddler room, the teacher provides a weekly lesson plan with various activities and themes to help the children reach their goals, and a portfolio for each child that is updated monthly with recordings of the child’s growth.  There is a basic daily schedule that is followed each day to allow enough time for different types of activities.  The children will have daily opportunities to participate in art projects, free play, outside time, group activities, sensory experiences, music and movement, and story time.  We also take time each day to learn about God and Jesus through prayer and stories, to help the children learn and grow through Christ.