Ashley Haese- Three-Year-Old Teacher

My name is Ashley Haese and I have been with St. Paul’s since November 2013. Before coming to St. Pauls’ I spent about eight years working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I have always had a passion for helping others.  I decided to make the switch to childcare, because since I was a little I always want to be a teacher like I had growing up, a teacher that helps little ones enjoy their childhood, explore, and discover new things.

I’m from New London, WI, where I grew up in a large family. I’m the third oldest of six children. I now reside in Oshkosh with my husband Jamie, Trigger our Germen Shepard, and my sister Autumn, who is  living with us while she attends school. Something I enjoy doing are cooking, baking, boating, camping, taking Trigger for runs, spending as much time as I can with my nieces and nephew, and the list goes on. As for my education I attended UW –Stevens Point, where I took courses in early childhood. I’m ready and excited to face more adventures as the teacher in the 3 year old room. I look forward to working with your child. I promise to work hard to ensure your child gets the quality of care/education that he/she deserves.
Threes Classroom

Our three year old Classroom provides a warm, nurturing, and happy environment for your three year-old to learn and practice important early academic skills. This class helps young children develop confidence away from home while learning to work and play within a group.The curriculum for the threes is mostly an introduction to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, social and language skills, fine and gross motor development. Our three year-olds learn to make friends, take turns, and listen when others talk. We help foster a love of reading and language through many fun and engaging, age-appropriate activities.  These include story time and surrounding activities such as songs and finger plays.  Our three year-olds learn counting, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and problem solving through both structured activities and free play. Before children can write, they need to develop the fine motor muscles in their hands for proper pencil grip and control. We help foster fine motor development through many activities that are fun and age-appropriate.  They include painting, scribbling, gluing, play dough, cutting, and crumbling paper, stringing beads, manipulating puzzles, and construction toys. Overall, the classroom is a wonderful balance of fun learning, structure and routine nurtured by loving teachers.