St. Paul's Lutheran Child Center generally follows a schedule similar to the sample below. Schedules may change depending upon circumstances.

7:00-8:00         Table activities. School-agers to bus
8:00-8:15         Arrival/Adult escorts child into classroom and records drop off and pick up information

8:00-9:00         Learning center choice/clean-up
9:00-9:15         Devotion/Bible lesson/application (Pastor two days a week; other days by director or assistant director)
9:15-9:30         Music/movement (singing, rhythm activities, use of large muscles, movement games, locomotion)
9:30-9:45         Bathroom/snack time

9:45-10:00       Oral language/skill development (calendar, leader’s show-and-tell)
10:00-10:15     Literacy time (stories, finger plays, books)     
10:15-10:40     Theme/project time/large movement activities
10:40-10:45     Closing/dismissal (review, anticipate, pray)
10:45-11:15     Outdoor play time/Bathroom break

11:15-12:00     Lunch- Children staying more than 4 hrs. move to rest time as they finish eating
12:00-2:15       Rest time for 2, 3, 4-5 yr. olds (quiet project for those who don’t sleep)

2:15-2:45         Bathroom breaks/handwashing/snack
2:45-3:30         Childcare free choice time
3:30-4:00         Outdoors play time
3:30-5:30         School-agers’ snack time, Bible Lesson, activity time, and free choice