Program Objectives
      1. Each child will learn that the Bible is God’s holy Word.
      2. Each child will learn that God is his/her loving Father.
      3. Each child will learn that Jesus is his/her Savior who earned
          our forgiveness and eternal life.
      4. Each child will respond to God’s gifts of love and faith by
          striving to live according to the Ten Commandments.
      5. Each child will learn that his/her abilities are gifts from God
          and are to be used to serve God.
       1.  Each child will recognize that he/she is valued and
            important to our Lord and to others.
       2.  Each child will develop confidence in applying God-given
            abilities and exhibit a positive self-image.
       3. Each child will demonstrate appropriate expressions of
            his or her feelings and responses to the feelings of others.
       4. Each child will express him/herself in creative, artistic,
           dramatic play, show-and-tell, group activities, musical and
            movement activities.
       5. Each child will assume responsibility for self-care and care of
           center materials and personal possessions.
      1. Each child will demonstrate respect for feelings and ideas
          expressed of others.
      2. Each child will demonstrate respect for the property of others.
      3. Each child will recognize how one’s actions affect others.
      4. Each child will interact individually with adults and peers.
      5. Each child will participate in group discussions, songs, finger      
          plays, games and production of class artwork and class books. 
       1.  Each child will extend familiarity with God’s Word.
       2.  Each child will enhance language development and early
            literacy skills.  
       3.  Each child will interact with basic math concepts and
            problem solving skills.
       4.  Each child will observe, inquire, experiment, and analyze
            scientific concepts.
       5.  Each child will extend health and safety awareness.
       6.  Each child will expand environmental and sensory        
       7.  Each child will be exposed to varied cultures – their foods,
            languages, and celebrations.
       1.  Each child will foster large motor development through such
            activities as running, hopping, climbing, skipping, and
       2.  Each child will refine fine motor skills through such activities
            as tearing, coloring, cutting, painting, gluing, and writing in
            creative and academic endeavors.
       3.  Each child will sharpen fine motor skills by interacting with
            construction materials, Unifix cubes, pegs and pegboards, 
            puzzles, lacing cards, beads, bristle blocks, magnets, and collections of small objects.